Social style analysis

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Social style analysis

The TRACOM Group offers a variety of SOCIAL STYLE training solutions to improve interpersonal effectiveness. Courses vary in length and depth and are created for managers and leaders, sales professionals, and a general audience. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue. SOCIAL STYLE®: Analytical Style. 50 years of research has documented four unique SOCIAL STYLEs. Each Style is defined by observable patterns of behavior. Understanding these patterns and each Style’s preferences results in .

Style Wars introduces young artists struggling to express themselves through their art, and their points of view on the subject of graffiti.

The film provides a peek into the subculture of urban New York City kids from the s and reveals some of the workings behind the start of what was to become the hip hop craze of the later part of the decade.

For this analysis, Sama Alshaibi suggested specific talking points with regards to Social style analysis film: How are these hip-hop kids changing the face of the city; re-imaging and reconstructing the aesthetic of the city?

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The graffiti writers can be viewed within several contexts with regard to the re-imaging of their spaces. Since they have been historically denied good food, education, decent-paying jobs and the ability to move about freely because of denial by the upper classes, young people who feel disenfranchised by the system are making themselves known and expressing individuality in the only way they know works.

Within the context of art, the act of utilizing materials in your environment to create something which imbues your space with meaning is essential to survival. Without creating symbols around you which confirm your existence and announce your presence, your identity becomes lost in the grey wasteland surrounding you.

In an inner-city environment where the insides and outsides of building are generally drab and uncared for, where visual and creative stimulation are rare commodities, the vibrant and explosive messages of graffiti make the city come alive with meaning.

Instead of the one-way preaching and ubiquity of cold, corporate advertising, graffiti is warm, human, moving, individualistic, creative, unstructured and communicative. How does the presence of bodywork, such as break dancing play into the language of freedom?

By adding graffiti to the train, the artist is able to send a message to someone else, to establish a work that he can call his own and to gain recognition from the other graffiti artists. There is also the thrill of having your message shown publicly and seen for what it is even if the viewer is not schooled in the same language or not familiar with the vernacular of graffitti.

This form of self-expression is the precursor to the MySpace page: Is graffiti and tagging an attempt at ownership, born from a demographic that owns close to nothing historically?

Graffitti is a form of ownership. The canvas of the graffitti artist is private property. There are no spaces for self expression with the exception of the open space of the street. But even this space is considered contested; police patrol the streets looking for loitering which, in the minds of the ruling elite classes, is tantamount to criminal behavior.

Graffitti represents a challenge to put a mark somewhere that announces the existence of an individual or a group that defies this monopolistic control over all spaces.

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How does the imaging of hip-hop culture defy societal expectations and stereotypes of social scales? Whether the graffitti writers are black or Puerto Rican or West Indian, these particular kids all share things in common — what these aspects of their lives are should be the focal point in understanding why they choose this format as a way to express themselves.

For example, the kid whose mother is frustrated with his continuous graffiti-like behavior while he talks on the phone, says that he does it so that he will be known by the other artists.

Social style analysis

Another example is the guy with one arm. In his own words, he explains that he was already into art and that was what attracted him to graffitti in the first place: As he recalls the story with the news crew, he obviously is tired of being seen as disabled.

Discuss this war in terms of social space. What is more important, and can you discuss it with other parallels in terms of social power and a platform for notoriety. Is one cultural, and the other, something else?

This was an interesting point to think about: Since I cannot claim to be a part of this culture in any way, I had to sit down and think about some of the reasons why this turn of events might have come about.

Did they feel hostile because it was a way to pass the time to wage war on another group in a different part of the city? Just like the current state of American food quantity seems to matter more to people than qualityperhaps this trend in destructive graffiti is reflective of the attitude we have toward our food or toward the rest of the world, for example.Style Guides.

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The current state of sociology encompasses social analysis and social reform, with a growing emphasis on applied sociology—a sort of middle ground that, rather than focusing on large and/or radical social change, uses sociological analysis to help solve problems in a specific.

tive methods of data analysis and psychometrically appropriate measures of leadership style. As one of these social scientists and an early adopter of meta-analysis, I enthusiastically embarked on the study of women as leaders. The first stage of my initiative involved researching sex differ-.

must-read pamphlet - Stanford Literary Lab. Get this from a library! Analysis of social criticism, abnormal psychology and style in the novels of Luis Spota. [Leon Edward Seamon]. 1 Social Styles Analyse patterns and characteristics Determine the style of others Assess your own style Plan to accommodate others' needs Treat others as they want to be treated 2 Analyse patterns and characteristics Individuals are all different, but Trigon Systems Consultants P/L (Aust) 1.

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