Factors affecting plant location

There are many different anthurium species and cultivars. Many more are being discovered or created each year. This is my guide to the various species and cultivars. Red anthuriums are very popular flowers, but the foremost variety of red anthurium, the Ozaki, was decimated by a bacterial blight.

Factors affecting plant location

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A significantly lower capacity factor is achieved by Lauingen Energy Park located in Bavarianear the 49th parallel. With a nameplate capacity of These include technical constraints, such as availability of the plant, economic reasons, and availability of the energy resource.

A plant can be out of service or operating at reduced output for part of the time due to equipment failures or routine maintenance.

This accounts for most of the unused capacity of base load power plants. Base load plants have the lowest costs per unit of electricity because they are designed for maximum efficiency and are operated continuously at high output.

Geothermal plantsnuclear plantscoal-fired plants and bioenergy plants that burn solid material are almost always operated as base load plants. A plant can also have its output curtailed or intentionally left idle because the electricity is not needed or because the price of electricity is too low to make production economical.

This accounts for most of the unused capacity of peaking power plants and load following power plants. Peaking plants may operate for only a few hours per year or up to several hours per day. Many other power plants operate only at certain times of the day or year because of variation in loads and electricity prices.

Due to low capacity factors, electricity from peaking power plants is relatively expensive because the limited generation have to cover the plant fixed costs.

A third reason is that a plant may not have the fuel available to operate all of the time. This can apply to fossil generating stations with restricted fuels supplies, but most notably applies to intermittent renewable resources.

Capacity factor of renewable energy[ edit ] US EIA monthly capacity factors for renewables, For renewable energy sources such as solar powerwind power and hydroelectricitythe main reason for reduced capacity factor is generally the availability of the energy source.

Factors affecting plant location

The plant may be capable of producing electricity, but its "fuel" windsunlight or water may not be available. However, solar, wind and hydroelectric plants do have high availability factorsso when they have fuel available, they are almost always able to produce electricity.

Wind farms are variable, due to the natural variability of the wind. For a wind farm, the capacity factor is determined by the availability of wind, the swept area of the turbine and the size of the generator.

Transmission line capacity and electricity demand also affect the capacity factor. Capacity factors by energy source[ edit ] United States[ edit ] According to the US Energy Information Administration EIAfrom the capacity factors of utility-scale generators were as follows:Nuclear power plants are at the high end of the range of capacity factors, ideally reduced only by the availability factor, i.e.

maintenance and caninariojana.com largest nuclear plant in the US, Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station has between its three reactors a nameplate capacity of 3, MW. In its annual generation was 31,, MWh, leading to a capacity factor . MJ - Flood-tolerant rice as an example of the potential impact of plant biology research Location: CD David Mackill, PhD – University of California, Davis.

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