Essay vocab spanish

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Essay vocab spanish

Hernan cortez Led expedition of to coast of mexico in ; conquistador responsible for the defeat of Aztec Essay vocab spanish.

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New Spain Spanish colonial possesions in Mesoamerica; included most of central Mexico; based on imperial system of Aztecs. Francisco Pizzaro Led conquest of Inca Empire of Peru beginning in ; bymost of Inca psessions fell to spanish.

Francisco Vazquez de Coronado Leader of Spanish expedition into Northern frontier region of New Spain; entered what is now the United States in search of the mythical cities of gold.

Pedro de Valdivia Spanish Conquistador; conquered Araucanian indians of Chile and established city of Santiago in Mita Labor extracted for lands assigned to the state and the religion; all communities were expected to contribute. Potosi Mine located in upper peru; largest of new world silver mines.

Essay vocab spanish

Huancavelica Location of largest deposit of mercury in South America; aided in American silver production. Haciendas Rural estates in Spanish colonies in New world; produced agricultural products for consumors in America. Casa de Contratacion Spanish board of trade operated out of seville; regularized commerce with the new world.

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Consulado Merchant guild of Seville; enjoyed virtual monopoly rights over goods shipped to america; handeled most of the silver received in return.

Galleons Large, heavily armored ships used to carry silver from new world colonies to Spain; Treaty of Tordesillas Signed in between Castile and Portugal; Clarified spheres of influence and rights of possesion in New World. Recopiliacion Body of laws collected in for spanish possesions in new world.

Council of the Indies Body within the castilian govt. Letrados University trained lawyers from spain in the new world; juridicial core of spanish colonial beuracracy.

Jose de Galvez Spanish ministor of the indies; chief architect of colonial reform.

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Comunero Revolt One of popular revolts against spanish colonial rule in New Granada. Tupac Amaru Mestizo leader of indian revolt of peru; supported by many lower classes; revolt eventually failed.• Varied and appropriate vocabulary and idiomatic language • Organized essay; some effective use of transitional elements or cohesive devices AP® SPANISH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE EXAM SCORING GUIDELINES Identical to Scoring Guidelines used for French, German.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay for AP Spanish PowerPoint and Activities. Preview. Subject. Spanish. Grade Levels. “How to Write a Persuasive Essay for AP Spanish”.

Essay vocab spanish

There are 19 pages of activities which include the following: ~Sample persuasive essay with vocabulary and indicators for thesis statement and different ways to cite sources. Sep 02,  · Could you write words on these topics?

Family, Friends and Society • What is a good friend? • My ideal boy/girlfriend • Relationships with parents • Advantages and disadvantages of having brothers/sisters • Women in today’s society Leisure and Health • A description of your area • The importance of having hobbies • The.

What is vocabulary in spanish. The last question may be weighed heavily and thus require more time. Reading other successful admissions essays is the best way to learn. Spanish I: Vocab to Help With "What I did Last Summer" Essay.

Este verano, fui a la playa con mi familia. This summer, I went to the beach with my family Arabic Final essay vocab - favorite holiday; Spanish Thanksgiving Essay; SPANISH ESSAY PRACTICE; Search. Latest Blog Posts. How to . An argumentative essay is a written piece meant to persuade the reader to agree with the author on a given topic.

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