A personal narrative of how my interest in professional wrestling developed

Abstract The purpose of this ethnographic study is to understand connected learning of youth in online communities and how these findings can influence the practice of librarians to support youth learning. Drawing from a two-and-a-half-year ethnography, I present data that was coded using the connected learning framework. This study provides insights into the role that librarians can play in the larger learning ecologies of youth. Finally, this paper gives practical implications for librarians based on the actions of youth, using a holistic approach to youth learning.

A personal narrative of how my interest in professional wrestling developed

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: This theory and others based on it have been used in the analysis of poetic traditions like those of the West African griots, the Viking skalds, and, most famously, the ancient Greek epics.

The usefulness of Parry-Lord theory in studies of different poetic traditions tempted me to view other genres of performance from this perspective.

In this paper I offer up one such genre for analysis—professional wrestling—and show that interpreting the tropes of wrestling through the lens of composition in performance provides information that, in return, can help with analysis of materials more commonly addressed by this theory.

The first, and probably most important and straightforward, criterion is that, as Lord Second, while works composed in composition are created and performed at the same time, they are not invented extemporaneously. This distinguishes works composed in performance from purely improvised pieces.

The Co-Construction of Kayfabe – Professional Wrestling Studies Association Reese is presumed dead following a mission in Ordos, China. Little is known about Reese's background and his name is one of several aliases that he uses.
Introduction Triple H is a perfect example of both.

However, for the sake of the presumably many scholars unfamiliar with professional wrestling, it may be helpful to provide a brief overview of the genre and its history. You are not currently authenticated.

A personal narrative of how my interest in professional wrestling developed

View freely available titles:Women in Combat Essay. The Career Of Army Combat Operations. Words | 7 Pages Professional wrestling and boxing today, do not come close to the disgusting horrors that the people of Rome took so much pleasure in observing.

Although the games were very bloody and Personal Narrative: My First Combat Deployment;. My craziest experience in a restaurant or shopping mall ; I admit it; I enjoy professional wrestling.

An unforgettable dream; My worst vacation; A “visit” to a hospital, doctor’s office, or dentist’s office Extended Personal Narrative: The Boy with John Travolta Blue Eyes; Personal Essay: It’s a Boy! The Oral Poetics of Professional Wrestling, or Laying the Smackdown on Homer. narratology to serial works.

A personal narrative of how my interest in professional wrestling developed

26 The interpretive models for analyzing serial narrative structure developed by scholars like can be usefully applied to something so far afield from the typical theorist’s interest as professional wrestling, it is very likely.

My ‘outstanding’ classroom leadership and management skills have also been praised on multiple occasions by my subject and professional mentors as well as the Deputy Head teacher through lesson observations and reflections.

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Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. Professional Wrestling, Embodied Morality, and Altered States of Consciousness Lawrence B.

McBride It is my intent that the following narrative will serve to set the stage for the analysis of my spectators at wrestling shows is certainly a key part of the tradition of pro wrestling.

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